The Witch Trial (2020)


An Audio Drama animatic directed by Samantha Peacock. 

Twin witches, Luna and Rhiannon must complete a trial for one of them to become the next family witch.

I have always been fascinated with audio dramas and audiobooks since I was a child. Every story or dramatised book I would listen to would allow me to imagine how the story is visualised. They were one of my inspirations to work as an animator or voice actor.

I previously worked with the director, Samantha Peacock, on a couple of short videos as an actor:

 i.e. Need 4 Love (2020), and, The Flightless Bird (2020). I was originally asked to audition for the voice role of Siren. I did not get the part however I was asked to produce a couple of storyboards, character designs and graphic illustrations.

I was sent over a few character references for the main cast, as well as a few references for the design of the book. I drew a couple of sketches using the images, including a couple of action poses. However, my schedule was already packed and the time I had to work on before the deadline was very short. So without further delays, I headed straight into doing producing an animatic.

I thought it would be a good idea to produce a rough animatic to go along with the audio tracks. So I treated the production work in the same way I would with my animated projects, even though I had no knowledge of how audio dramas are normally done.





Around the same time, I received a brand new iPad in order to help me produce more digital work anytime I have gone away from my usual equipment. One of the apps I had grown attached to was the paint studio app Procreate. So I figured, if I ever want to try out for any concept designs or visual images, in particular fantastical-or-supernatural elements, I would use Procreate to do so. And it has become a major advantage in terms of creating "special effects" for the visuals in The Witch Trial.


Character Designs.jpg
The Witch Trial - poster design.jpg