This page features a collection of storyboard samples for film and animation projects - produced on paper with pencil, ink, photoshop and procreate.


Even though I am not a fan of Sega's Sonic franchise, this fan project gave me the opportunity to create digital storybaords - experiment with storyboarding for exisiting character designs, colour effects, camera angles and action sequences.

Morbius Redrawn sample - Sonic running sequence
Sonic Morbius Redrawn - Sonic running sequence
Scene 32. pt. 1
Scene 32. pt. 2
scene 32. pt. 3
Scene 32. pt. 4
scene 32. pt. 5
Scene 32 pt. 6
Scene 32 pt. 7
Scene 32 pt. 8
Mobius Redrawn sample - sc. 23
Mobius Redrawn sample - sc. 23
Mobius Redrawn sample - sc. 24
Mobius Redrawn sample - sc. 25
Mobius Redrawn sample - sc. 25


This animated fan web-series gave me an opportunity to try creating thumbnail sketches, concept arts and storyboards with special effective tools - as well was working existing characters.

Doctor Who FA: The Silver Spoon - Dalek attack pt.1
Doctor Who FA: The Silver Spoon - Dalek attack pt. 2
The Silver Spoon sample page 1
The Silver Spoon sample page 2
The Silver Spoon sample page 3
The Silver Spoon sample page 4

FAR FETCH (2020)

During lockdown, I was approached to produce a storyboard for a short film pitch: Far Fetch. I recieved the script from the director Andrew Okello, and managed to create pages of each scene. Using my skills as a cameraman, I decided to include a few additional frame shots for any moment of the film that might come in handy, as well as a couple of sketches before a finished page would be completed. 

Storyboard Rough Sketches
Storyboard sample page 1
Storyboard sample page 2
Storyboard sample page 3
Dance scene sample 1
Dance scene sample 2
Dance scene sample 3
Dance additional frame sketches


After creating my first-ever animated short film at Bridgend College, Veggie Rush, I have always wanted to create a sequel or spin off to the characters. One of them was a Halloween special. During my second year at University of South Wales, . I created a short animatic for the opening scene, and then slowly got into creating a rough storyboard using Photoshop.

Click here to see the finished storyboard for: Night of the Living Radish.
Veggie Rush_ Living Radish _Sample Storyboard 1
Veggie Rush_ Living Radish _Sample Storyboard 2


This was the first time I got to work an international film crew creating a short film based in Australia. Much like with It's My Shout, I was given a script to work with and sent the finished storyboard to the director. This was my first short film I worked on that included mature content.

Enemy Within Storyboard sample 1


My first work experiences in storyboarding came when I took part in a film trainee scheme with BBC It's My Shout productions. I was given the opportunity to storyboard for two short films: Hiraeth and Stone Soup. Both jobs involved meetings with the director and producer discussing which specific scenes required specific camera angles and shots, and what style of film making they were looking for.

S3EP2 ending storyboard - page 1
S3EP2 ending storyboard - page 2
S3EP2 ending storyboard - page 3
S3EP2 ending storyboard - page 3(updated)/4
Click here to see the finished storyboards for: Hiraeth and Stone Soup.