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This page features a collection of art designs and fan art commissions I have produced either for fun purposes, art challenges, or for a couple of friends and client projects (i.e. character designs, animation works, set design, paintings and illustrations).  See more of the art commissions on the instagram page: @matthew_tealeaves_lee.

The Batman
Tales of Florensia (Christmas theme)
Different Voices - Self Portrait
PODS' Cinderella
Devil Lady
Do You Want The Magic To Die?
Do You Want The Magic To Die?
The Nutcracker concept poster
The Gorwellion House and Campsite painting
A Boathouse sketch and pro-marker concept
Veggie Rush fabric design
Severus Snape and the Marauders
Neon Fire and Rona Gray
A Tribute to Captain Tom Moore
Emperor Palpatine
Doctor Who - The Timeless Children
Dominic G Martin
Tizzi Bubble fabric design
Doctor Who - The Timeless Child
Jack Skellington
Arthur Christmas
Sam Cook TV
Mermay 2021 - Draw Ariel
RIP Samuel E. Wright Tribute
Buddy the Elf
Down the Rivers illustration painting
Untitled_Artwork 9
Anna and Olaf
Jesper and Klaus
Ebenezer Scrooge and Kermit the Frog
Headless Horseman
Merci, Sylvia!
Alice in Wonderland - Illustration cover
Narnia - Mr Tumnus illustration
Narnia - The White Witch page
Gorwellion House (digital version)
Don't Feed The Plants!
Feed Me...
The Witch Trial - poster design
Elm Visage
Cleo is the Queen of Space
Doctor Who - The Timless Child
Happy Father's Day
Fantastic Mr Fox
Mencap Ceredigon Animation Workshops
Mencap Ceredigon Animation Workshops
Jack Skellington
Manny H. Walroit
Manny H. Walroit (armour)
Golden Freddy
SixFanArts - Christmas
SixFanArts - Theme of Lovers
SixFanArts - Theme of Love
Scooby Doo!
SixFanArts Spooky
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