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This page features a collection of art designs and fan art commissions I have produced either for fun purposes, art challenges, or for a couple of friends and client projects (i.e. character designs, animation works, set design, paintings and illustrations).  See more of the art commissions on the instagram page: @matthew_tealeaves_lee.

The Batman
The Twelves Days of Christmas fabric
Sir Galahad
Octowoman redesign turnaround
Tales of Florensia (Christmas theme)
Rehearsal sketch
Different Voices - Self Portrait
Rehearsal sketch
Treasure Island Map prop
Devil Lady
Eskimos Jo Elves
Doctor Who fan art (2023)
Caroline Evans - hair and make up artist portrait
Do You Want The Magic To Die?
Christmas pattern for material
Christmas pattern for material
Do You Want The Magic To Die?
PODS' Cinderella
Treasure Island - Flint and his crew
The Wizarding War concept art
The Nutcracker concept poster
The Gorwellion House and Campsite painting
A Boathouse sketch and pro-marker concept
Veggie Rush fabric design
Dinosaurs fabric
Severus Snape and the Marauders
Neon Fire and Rona Gray
A Tribute to Captain Tom Moore
Emperor Palpatine
Doctor Who - The Timeless Children
Dominic G Martin
Tizzi Bubble fabric design
Doctor Who - The Timeless Child
Jack Skellington
Arthur Christmas
Sam Cook TV
Mermay 2021 - Draw Ariel
RIP Samuel E. Wright Tribute
Buddy the Elf
Down the Rivers illustration painting
Untitled_Artwork 9
Anna and Olaf
Jesper and Klaus
Ebenezer Scrooge and Kermit the Frog
Headless Horseman
Merci, Sylvia!
Alice in Wonderland - Illustration cover
Narnia - Mr Tumnus illustration
Narnia - The White Witch page
Gorwellion House (digital version)
Don't Feed The Plants!
Feed Me...
The Witch Trial - poster design
Elm Visage
Cleo is the Queen of Space
Doctor Who - The Timless Child
Happy Father's Day
Fantastic Mr Fox
Mencap Ceredigon Animation Workshops
Mencap Ceredigon Animation Workshops
Jack Skellington
Manny H. Walroit
Manny H. Walroit (armour)
Golden Freddy
SixFanArts - Christmas
SixFanArts - Theme of Lovers
SixFanArts - Theme of Love
Scooby Doo!
SixFanArts Spooky
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