The winning animation has been creatively made, well thought out and thoroughly thought through. The jury thought that this animation stood apart from the rest, the technical aspects and the animated work area was of such a high quality and you can tell - a lot of time was spent on this!” - Zoom Cymru


"Matthew exceeded this brief with sheer passion and enthusiasm, creating over 5 minutes of action-packed stop-motion. He shows great ambition and passion for his productions." - Clare Pompa, tutor at Bridgend College


"Good facial expressions" - Cardiff Mini Film Fest

"I was a voice actor on 1 episode of Matthew's "Dr. Who FA" animation series, and am so glad that I got to work with him. Very talented editor, story teller, director, and voice actor. Gave me a lot of free reign for coming up with a fitting voice for my character too. A true talent and a pleasure to have worked for." - Ross K Foad