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This page features all the testimonial comments and feedback I received from my previous works and experiences, including awards and nominations.

Awards and Nominations


"Matthew Lee is one of the hardest working members of any cast. Knows everyone’s lines including his own. Help out where ever he can get involved in every bit."

Fred Dibnah | Pukka in the Park | 2021


"He's been a bidding pleasure to work with"

Pukka Productions | 2021

"Ruby Atlanta Boland gave a great performance as Ella, as did Paul Mellin as Buttons, and Matthew Lee as Prince Charming. The three of them each have a fantastic singing voice, which made their delivery of ‘Love Is An Open Door’ – yes, from Frozen..."

John Davies | Cinderella | 2021


"Matthew provided a voice over for a short drama I was directing. He was super prompt, less than 24 hours, with his file delivery, and it was of a clean nature with no cracks/background noise. He followed all the instructions perfectly and came up with a suitable fitting voice. Thank you very much Matthew! Superb work." 

Ross K Foad | 2020

"Matthew Lee as the Genie was a hoot, both dramatic and humorous with pizzazz and personality."

Allan Mears | Aladdin | 2019

"Matthew Lee gave a great cameo performance as a corrupt official, The Beadle. His excellent acting and comedic skills was brought to the fore in the harmonium scene. This was a very humorous scene, enhanced by The Beadle's facial expressions, and leading into the drama of him being sat in Todd's barber chair for his promised free shave, only to become another victim of Todd's razor as Mrs. Lovett loudly plays the harmonium above to hide the noise below.

The PODS Committee | Sweeney Todd | 2019


"A great guy to work with an excellent work rate."

Andrew Okello | Electric E. Productions | 2020

"Very talented editor, story teller, director, and voice actor. Gave me a lot of free reign for coming up with a fitting voice for my character too. A true talent and a pleasure to have worked for."

Ross K Foad | Dr. Who FA | 2020

"The winning animation has been creatively made, well thought out and thoroughly thought through. The jury thought that this animation stood apart from the rest, the technical aspects and the animated work area was of such a high quality and you can tell - a lot of time was spent on this!"

Zoom Cymru | Veggie Rush! | 2015

"Good facial expressions."

Cardiff Mini Film Fest | Hole In One | 2020

"Matthew exceeded this brief with sheer passion and enthusiasm, creating over 5 minutes of action-packed stop-motion. He shows great ambition and passion for his productions."

Clare Pompa | Bridgend College | 2015


"The wonderfully talented @matthew_tealeaves_lee turned me into a caricature. Whenever someone appreciates what I do, it warms my heart so the fact that someone has taken time to draw this is amazing!

Sam Cook | Cardiff TV | 2020


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