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Since Matthew Lee has been a member of Bridgend Youth Theatre for 10 years, he was given an opportunity to help film and produce a couple of blog videos and performance videos of the productions they have presented.

"BYT Fiddler on the Roof" (2017)


Bridgend Youth Theatre presents Fiddler on the Roof A teaser of the 2nd and 3rd rehearsal weeks.

Rehearsal Vlog Teaser

"My Son, Pinocchio Jr." (2015)


Bridgend Youth Theatre presents "My Son Pinocchio Jr" at the Grand Pavilion.


This is nearly a trial version of the production which I helped film. Please be aware that I do not own the copyright to the show, song or DVD video and it is for use for promotion of the BYT performers and myself as a camera operator and editor.

"My Son Pinocchio Jr." - Toys

"My Son Pinocchio Jr." - Just Because It's Magic

"My Son Pinocchio Jr." - Stromboli

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