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Cleo is the Queen of Space - Original Title Sequence (2020)

Cleo is the Queen of Space is an ambitious new science fiction project created by Sam Lloyd. .

Matthew Lee and Sam Lloyd have collaborated with each other on fan-made Doctor Who animated projects in the past. Sam offered the job of producing the animated title sequence as well as appearing as a voice actor for one of the episodes.

Production on the title sequence began in 2019 with the characters designed in a traditional 2D style before any animation tests could be explored, using Photoshop, After Effects and TV Paint.

The original title sequence originally has was its theme tune: "Another Girl, Another Planet" written by Peter Perrett and arranged by Gas patterson. However during production on the second and third episodes, the show's composition and theme tune was replaced with original music by James Blunsdon. 

Click here to see the full episode.

Link to Sam Lloyd's Website:


"Cleo is the Queen of Space" - concept poster
Dorothy "Cleo" King
Dorothy "Cleo" King
Stacey - later renamed Eve Lakota
Stacey / Eve Lakota
The Professor
Rhodan - the original character design
Rhodan - the original character design
The Original Storyboard - page 1
The Original Storyboard - page 2
The Original Storyboard - page 3
The Original Storyboard - page 4
The Original Storyboard - page 5
The Original Storyboard - page 6
The New Storyboard - page 1
Original Storyboard - page 2
Original Storyboard - page 3
Original Storyboard - page 4
Dorothy "Cleo" King on the drums
Dorothy "Cleo" King on the drums
Eve Laktoa
Eve and Lauren
Queens of Space band - animation test
Rhodan and Lita
Rhodan and Lita
The Guards
The Guards
Background concept
Character Redesigns
Teaser Poster


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