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Anyone who wishes to request an artwork, contact via Email, Facebook or Instagram.

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DVD (Stage events) - From £20

Are you involved in a stage production? Would you like to have it recorded?

The prices would depend on the show's running time (including number of performances) and whether you want it to be released as a DVD or an online video.

Music Videos - £90

Would you like to share your music around the world?

I could help out in the cinematography and editing. This would depend on the location of the production and style of music.

Promotional Video - £50

Do you have a film, stage show or product to advertise? 

Such as trailers, behind the scene videos, interviews (if required) and adverts.

Wedding Videos (£200-£500)

Lets celebrate your special day together!

The prices would depend on the location of the wedding service and reception, as well as full details of the running schedule (service, reception, speeches, first dance etc.)

You can request for a DVD or a short montage video.

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