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VIDEOGRAPHY > Into The Woods

Concept Players is a local amateur theatre group,, founded in 1924. In 2022, they presented 'Into The Woods' at the Paget Rooms, Penarth.

Matthew Lee was cast as the Wolf, both voice and puppeteer. When it got closer to the production week, Matthew came up with an idea to create character promotional videos to help promote tickets.


Each video would feature a character of the show entering the woods to make an encounter that matches their fairy tale story. I.e. Little Red goes into the woods and encounters the wolf, or, Jack plants the beans and a beanstalk grows.

'The Narrator'

The Narrator, played by Richard Thomas, begins to tell his story, as well as giving the audience a glimpse of what to expect in the show.

'A Young Maiden'

Cinderella, played by Hayley Wells, makes a wish.

'A Sad Young Lad'

Jack, played by Henry Morgan-Geddes, is upset after he sold his cow, Milky-White for a few beans.

'A Childless Baker and His Wife'

The Baker, played by Gareth Tilley, and his wife, played by Helen Mussell, are longing for a child. Until they are visited by an unexpected guest.

'Hello Little Girl' - Animatic

This was intended to be the first teaser video of Little Red Riding Hood walking thorugh the woods to be stalked by the wolf. However the video was never made as the actor who played Red in the show was unavaliable to film it.

Supercut Trailer

A supercut trailer of all the character clips mixed together.


The pitching for the videos were presented in rough storyboarding and animatics.

ITW - Storyboard 1
ITW - Storyboard 2
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