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This page features a collection of small pieces of animation I produce for workshops, freelance works or in my spare time.

BEING ME (2021)

One of the animation warmups was to produce a small animatic style introduction about yourself. So I decided to have mine presented in a pack of cards - since I consider myself as a 'Jack of all Trades'.


For Stage Right's production of 'Elf' The Musical, I was tasked with creating an animated backdrop to be projected during the song 'World's Greatest Dad'. This gave me a good chance to return to working on stop motion characters after a few years hiatus - modelling and animating the arctic animals that were featured in the original 2003 Christmas movie. I wanted the North Pole segments will be made with plasticine models as a reference to the original Rankin Bass Christmas films. Whilst the New York sequence was made with cut out images to match the realism of the ordinary world.


One of the things I have learnt from the character design course with Aardman Academy was how to breakdown a line of dialogue from a recording to help create a character - in this case how to create an animal character. So inspired by Creature Comforts,  I decided to design and animate a few characters based around an audio recording of a child talking the food chain.



As part of the Ceredigion Animation Club, we designed a few characters based around two things; 1. Something Halloween and something from a popular film or genre. I had chosen a spider and samaurai. So I produced a short piece of character animation of 'Samaurai Spider'. The animation was done using Flipaclip.

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