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VIDEOGRAPHY > STARS' Phantom of the Opera

Stars Musical Theatre Company is an amateur group based in Port Talbot, Neath.

Matthew Lee was cast as Mr Reyer in the production. But coming off from 'Treasure Island', he decided to produce a series of rehearsal photos to help promote the show as well as create a few videos to share across social media.

Getting close to production, Matthew produced a trailer featuring footage from the rehearsals. He then received contact from the venue, Gwyn Hall to share the video to be promoted on their website and outdoor promotion screens.

His photography and videography work then gave him the job of recording the full performances to be produced on DVDs for the group.

Rehearsal Photography

Most of his photos and videos, taken during rehearsals, was used to promote the show as well as keep updates on the society's social media page.


Promotional Videos

"Teaser Trailer" 

The first of a series of rehearsal teasers. This teaser had to be produced twice since the show had a double cast of characters. 

"A Little illumination" 

The full trailer of the show featuring footage of the rehearsals. This video got selected by Gwyn Hall, Neath to be featured on an outdoor screen as well as their website.

Teaser Promo
Get Your Tickets
Teaser Trailer (Cast 2)
'The Phantom is There'
'Music of the Night'
'Angel of Music'
'Prima Donna'
'Next Week'
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