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The Who Editor (2012 - present)

A fan channel which features a non-profit Stop Motion Figure Adventure series and Reviews based on the hit BBC television series. Features a variety of animation sequences and voice over works produced by Matthew Lee.


Doctor Who FA: New Year Special: Great Spirit of Adventure (2019) Part One


Time is splitting apart, the Multiverse is under attack, and its up to the Thirteenth Doctor to fix this... that is the both of them.


Doctor Who FA: New Year Special: Great Spirit of Adventure (2019) Part Two


This 2-part episode began production in 2018 around the same time the official BBC show was filming Series 11, and was released in January 2019.


Doctor Who The Omnibus Edition Trailer (2018)


"Relive the adventure in a completed edition..."


Doctor Who Figure Adventures Series Two, produced by The Who Editor, re-released in its complete omnibus edition.

The trailer was produced using After Effects as an exepriment with camera works and multi-layering. 


Doctor Who FA: 2.2. Arthur and the Wizard Doctor (2017)

After the events on Atrios, the Doctor crashes into a strange world filled with dragons, knights, horses and . . . . King Arthur. Must he be able to discover the truth behind the legend of the Arthurian legend? And will he win the trust of a peasant boy?

Featuring voice work and a stop-motion sword fight animated by Matthew Lee.


Doctor Who FA: 1.5. The Bridge to Eternity (2015)

Connie is about to get married - but there is still something which troubles the Doctor. There is a mystery that needs to be solved and to do so, the Doctor calls upon some old friends. But will he be able to solve it in time? The Bridge awaits him - but what for? Can the Doctor ever be able to save the Universe in one piece?

Featuring voice work, and stop-motion animation by Matthew Lee.


All the videos produced are non-profit fan made videos under fair use. This is also to update, experiment and improve some animation skills.

No copyright intended.

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