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The Universal Academy of the Arts set out to produce a charitable video to help support the homeless to enjoy christmas just as much as they do. There was no structure in terms of a theme and the ideas and concepts came solely from the students. Regardless of a persons circumstances, everyone should be able to smile on Christmas Day and the students want to give as many homeless children and adults a gift this year.

The group leader, Luke Morrisey contacted Matthew Lee a few months after filming their pantomime, The Life of Cinderella, to help film and produce this video. Filming took place in Porthcawl town centre and beachside. The production included a specific sequence involving smoke be filmed with multiple cameras filmed at the same time. 

It was a nice experience to get into a project for charity as well as to test out a few production techniques.

What About Us - music video (2018)

Universal Academy of Arts created a heartwarming concept and idea and want to raise as much money as possible to give out christmas presents to the homeless! 

The video was filmed and edited by Matthew Lee.

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