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"Veggie Rush" follows the mini adventures of  three living vegetables, Mr Carrott, Pumpkin and the Tomato Child in the garden of an old farmer's house in the Welsh countryside.

It was originally a short stop-motion film at the Bridgend College in 2015. Since it won Best Animation at the Zoom Film Awards, a spin-off animated series (for all ages) was in pre-production.

From 2016, the characters of "Veggie Rush" were used for animation tests on Photoshop, After Effects and TV Paint throughout my BA degree in 2D and Stop-Motion; whilst pre-production and pitch planning for a sequel and spin-off series were on the sideline.

In 2018, a "B-Movie-Style" sequel teaser: "Night of the Living Radish" was produced at the University of South Wales. This time, the characters were animated in Traditional and Digital 2D Animation.

Plans for further production on the completion of "Night of the Living Radish" and the spin-off series have not been confirmed.

Veggie Rush! (2015)

Winner of Best Animation Category Age 14-19 in the Zoom Film Festival. A short animated stop motion film by Matthew Lee. Produced at Bridgend College.


The water pipe is in need of repair but the vegetables are struggling for some water. It is up to the Carrot Man to find some water from inside the house. But it is guarded by the farmer's cat. Will he succeed? This is an animated college production. The stop-motion adventure is fast-paced and action-packed.


Veggie Rush - E4 Flower (E Sting Animation) (2016)

USW BA 2D Technical Option Animation coursework


This sting wasn't on tv and I don't own the E4 logo.

This sting is for university coursework fair use only.

After 3 weeks of animation work with Photoshop, I've finished my first technical module: E4 Sting.

Veggie Rush: Night of the Living Radish - (Teaser Trailer) (2018)

This is my final major film project for my third year at the University of South Wales, Atrium. This is a pilot trailer for a short film I wish to work on in the future. Please follow me on Instragram: matthew_tealeaves_lee, or perhaps set up a crowd funding programme to make it happen.

Its Halloween Night, and the veggies prepare for the party. However it appears their night is about to be ruined by a series of Zombie Radishes.

Carrot walk cycle tests.gif


The original sketch drawing of Veggie Ru
Radish - test design
Carrot - Rough digital design
Sketch Ideas
Tomato Child - outline
Tomato Child - colour
Tomato Child - shading
Tomato Child - texture and detail
Pumpkin - shapes
Pumpkin - shapes with accessories
Pumpkin - outline
Pumpkin - colour
Pumpkin - shading
Pumpkin - texture
Pumpkin - detail
Rodney the Radish - outline
Rodney the Radish - colour
Rodney the Radish - shading
Rodney the Radish - texture and detail
Carrot expressions
Tomato Child expressions
Pumpkin expressions
Radish expressions
Printing textures for set building
Set Building - wall and fence
Set Building - grass
Set Building - grass
Set Building - grass
Set Building - the garden
The Fina Set with characters to scale
The character models
The set model
The set model
Th character models
Green Screen tests
The Carrot waiting to start working.
Traditional Animation work station
The Working Station
Traditional animation
Rough Background layout
Screenshot of an animation shot



Veggie Rush: Living Radish _Sample Story
Veggie Rush_ Living Radish _Sample Story


carrot turnaround 2.jpg
tomato turnaround new.jpg
pumpkin turnaround 7.jpg
Page 18 - Radish turnaround Final.jpg
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