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Actor Showreel

A Showreel of my recent experiences as an actor.

Voice Acting Demo Reel

A Demo Reel of my recent V.O. experience, including animation, audio dramas, impressions and sound effects.

"The Smuggler: A Star Wars Story" (as Emperor Palpatine) | UDWF1 | 2017

The first fan project I was ever cast in where I had to do an impression of an existing character.

"Doctor Who : A Matter of Time" (as The Doctor and Radio) | UDWF1 | 2018

Sam Lloyd and I have worked together on a lot on Doctor Who fan made content. We both created our own Doctor Who series on YouTube and we decided to have our Doctors crossover with each other on "The Multiverse Theory" and Sam Lloyd's final Doctor Who Figure Adventure story: A Matter of Time.

"Doctor Who: Fan Series: The Inquisition" (as Merchants) | RJH Productions | 2019

The first audio drama I ever worked on.

"Cleo is the Queen of Space" (as Old Man) | Sam Lloyd TV | 2020

An original animation series by Sam Lloyd. I previously worked as the animation producer of the intro sequence. Sam Lloyd later asked me to voice a character in Episode 3: Euphoria.

"The Hobbit" (as Smaug) | Impression | 2020

An impression segment created as part of an audition for a fan made audio drama of "The Hobbit".

"Action Attack Noises" | Video Games | 2020

A small selection of action noises, grunts, gasps and sound effects for video game auditions.

"Dog/ Wolf Sound Effects" | Animation and Theatre | 2020

Since I was the puppeteer for the character of Sammy the Dog in "Goodnight Mr Tom" I decided to create a small audio reel of sound effects for dogs or wolves to use for animation or theatre.

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